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FS: Porsche 944 ITS / GTS1 / 944 Cup - Price drop


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For Sale: ITS Class Champion 1988 Porsche 944 Race Car

Waterford Hills SCCA ITS Champion, 2012 and 2010

Car weights ~2360 dry and has 165hp at the rear wheels!

Eligible in SCCA ITS, NASA GTS1, 944 Cup or PCA SP2


Well sorted, developed and FAST 1988 Porsche 944 with the best of everything. Professionally built and maintained by Steinel’s Autowerks with no expense spared. The cost to develop this car was well more than triple the asking price along with several hundred man hours of work. Over $20,000 spent in 2011 alone to make the engine and suspension perfect. All receipts since 2006 will be provided as well as set up sheets, run history and results. Every nickel, turn of a bolt and lap is documented!


Recent service & alignment by Steinels Autowerks and completed 2013 NASA annual inspection. Ready to race!


Over that past three acing seasons (2010 thru 2012), the car has been run primarily in the Waterford Hills Series with an occasional NASA Great Lakes event region (placed 4th, without aero, in the 2011 NASA Nationals, GTS1). In very competitive racing over this time, it has amassed 24 wins in 65 starts, along with two Waterford Hills ITS Championships!


Car is currently optimized to SCCA ITS specifications and is competitive in NASA GTS1 or 944 Cup.


Sample Lap Times on Various Tracks:

• Waterford Hills: 1:16.590

o Note: only 4 sec off the STO class record, set in a 500hp Corvette!!!

• Mid-Ohio (pro course): 1:41.277

o Note: SCCA ITS Track Record is 1:40.037

• Putnam Park: 1:21.945

• Grattan: 1:29.464


• 2.7L Complete Steinel’s Rebuild in April 2011,165rwhp,158ft*lbs at the rear wheels

o Full engine specs available to buyer

• Lindsey Racing sealed cold-air box

• Amsoil cone air filter, 10inches

• Stahl header, jet coated

• Custom, 2 ½” exhaust quick change with SuperTrap muffler (or 3 other options: straight, Borla or Flowmatster)

• Integrated, OEM Turbo oil filer housing for external oil cooler

• Earl’s high capacity oil cooler, -10 lines

• Lindsey Racing oil breather vent

• Lindsey Racing Solid engine mounts

• Spec 1 clutch & flywheel


• 944 Turbo 5-sp transmission w/ Guard LSD

• OEM Turbo differential cooler

• OEM short 5th gear

• Solid transmission mount

Suspension/Brakes (full rebuild in April 2011)

• Leda adjustable gas strut w/custom length and valving, rebuilt in 2011

• Fabcar front lower control arms

• Full Racer’s Edge bushing/ spherical bearing package throughout the car

• Kelley-Moss front strut tower brace

• Front height adjustable spring perches

• Racer’s Edge adjustable camber plates

• Tarrett Racing adjustable sway bars, front and rear

• Carbotech brake pads front and rear

• Eibach springs

• Fresh wheel bearings/seals

• Braided stainless steel brake lines (F&R)

• Wildwood brake bias control

• Ducted front brakes

• Extended length wheel studs to accommodate spacers front and rear

Rims / Tires

• 1 set of late offset, 15x7 Porsche OEM “phone dial” rims w/ Yokahoma AO32 tires

• 1 set of late offset, 15x6 Porsche OEM “phone dial” rims w/ Hoosier Radial Wet rain tires

• Extra rims available


• Full, custom roll cage from Mark McMahan (http://www.rollcageguy.com)

o Double NASCAR door bars, each side, for safety

• Extra, AutoMeter precision coolant temp and oil temp gauges

• 5lb, integrated fire suppression system both in the cockpit and under the hood

• Remote cut-off, 6 pole battery master switch

• Fully-stripped interior including dashboard, heater, fan, airbags, etc. removed, doors gutted and cored, all carpet, seats, headliner, padding, glue, sound-deadening, insulation removed

• Recaro Racing seat

• Sparco removable steering wheel

• Side mirrors moved inside the cockpit for reduced drag

• Wide-angle center rear-view mirror

• Window net

• Safety solutions center cockpit net

Body / Other

• Aero catch hood latches

• Air conditioning compressor removed

• Manual steering

• Removable Lexan side windows for hauling and storage

• Front and rear tie down mounts

• Rolled fenders to allow early offset rims


Numerous other spare parts available, such as Fuchs & BBS wheels, three engines, rear windows, suspension, lights, etc. You name it, it’s here. Complete spares list available.


Offered at $12,500


Give me a call or send me an email to discuss.


Christian Cook

[email protected]


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Literally, everything that can be done, has been done. This thing is a splitter and wing away from GTS1 lap records.


Below is the link to a photo-shoot I did yesterday:


Also inventoried the spares and below is the list:


• 1 set of late offset, 15x7 Porsche OEM “phone dial” rims w/ Yokahoma AO32 tires

• 1 set of late offset, 15x6 Porsche OEM “phone dial” rims w/ Hoosier Radial Wet rain tires

• Quick change exhaust, Borla resonator

• Quick change exhaust, FlowMaster muffler

• Complete set of relays, including two spare engine relays

• Exhaust gaskets, 2 sets

• Upper mounting bolts for Leda shocks

• Spare front camber bolts

• Spare rear camber bolts

• Brakes pins (8), clips (4) and locking pins (8)

• Spare exhause hangers

• CV jount bolts, new and used

• Magnacore racing spark plug wires (2 sets)

• MSD Coil

• New Oil filters (3)

• Radiator drain plug

• Inner front hub seals (2)

• Rotor cap, button & cover (1 season)

• Spare rotor caps (3)

• New rear brakes pads, EBC Red

• Spare rear pads, rear, hawk blue & HT10, used (6 sets)

• New front brake pads, Hawk HPS

• Spare brake pads, front, Hawk HT12

• Spare brake pads, front, CarboTech

• Spark Plugs Bosch WR7DC+, new (4)

• Spark Plugs bosch WR6DC+, new (4)

• Spark Plugs NGK, BPR6ES, new (9)

• Front hub dust caps, outer (3)

• Air filter, cone, K&N, new

• Air filter, cone, Amsoil, used

• Brake rotors, front used

• Brake rotors, rear used

• Spare thermostat

• Simpson window net

• Fuel line hoses

• Wheel studs (30)

• Oil pan drain plugn & washer

• Spare shift linkage

• Fuel injector gaskets

• Spare lug nuts (20)

• Spare front wheel bearings & locking nut

• Spare tie rod end

• Front caster bolt

• Throttle stop

• Clutch throw out bearing (2)

• Sway bar bracket, Tarrett engineering, new

• Radiator hoses, complete set (2)

• Front and rear tie down mounts

• Spare belts, including alternator and timing


First $12,500 and it’s gone!

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