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SOLD!!! Team Dynamics 1.2 15x7, 4x100 Wheels


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Set of (4) Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 15x7, 4x100 Wheels +35 offset. $450 OBO

The wheels came off of a spec miata and are in good shape with some small nicks/scratches one would expect with a race wheel. But no beds/cracks at all. They have 205/50/15 Toyo RA-1 tires mounted, but they are pretty beat up and would need new tires. Bolt pattern 4x100.







EMAIL ME for faster response: [email protected]

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The backspace on the wheels is approx 5.375". Not sure exactly what it converts to in offset, but I hope that helps.


Yes, its a bit odd that it is scratched off on all 4 wheels until you look at how they designed the wheel. Where they printed all the numbers on the mounting pad makes contact with the wheel hub on the car. Most wheels I've seen have a little indented area where the offset/size info is printed so it won't make contact with the hub. I guess over time, they just rubbed off on the hub(brake rotor). Hope I make some sense


More pictures:





Date code of the R888's


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Any flat spots or chunking on the tires? Tread depth?


No flat spots, and no visible chunking on the tires. They do have a little bit of loose rubber (marbles) stuck on them, but thats it.


And thanks for the approx offset EV.

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