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Volvo s60 Race car over 40k into build priced for quick sale


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this post outlines the whole build by Jim Pierce at Pierce Motorsports


I have not had the time to race and are consolidating all of my vehicles. The car will be out at Cal Speedway this weekend with NASA and I will be running in HPDE 4.


I had a bunch of additional preventative maintenance work done to the car and it will have 2 sets of rims with brand new goodyear stickers (i will use them this weekend though)


and I would consider including the new traqmate i had from another car. Not installed yet.


thanks for your time and consideration,



email me at [email protected]

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It doesn't have a passenger seat, but if there is a seriously interested party, I would be open to letting you take out for parade laps or depending on driver and situation...even in your run group?

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Report/update from this past weekend at Cal Speedway:


-Super Old flat spotted tires

-Bad Driver

-130 MPH speed limiter

-1:58's and a lot of 1:59's


Very surprising in that it broke 2 minutes and did so with hitting 130mph a couple car lengths after start/finish. Easily capable of 145+ MPH and 3-4 seconds lower with better driver, speed limiter removed and better tires.


The ECU is stock, but with it flashed and running more boost the 228 HP will go over 300 HP and the torque will be right there as well.


Car was weighed with me in as driver (I weigh 205) and 1/4 tank of gas was 3031lbs.


Should be very easy to peel off another 100lbs with hood and trunk replacement and removal of some of the trim in exterior and interior.



I will be bringing the car to Paul Kramer at autokennel in Costa Mesa this weekend and he will be selling it.....


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