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Roll Bar padding thickness


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I did a search, and found a 7 page thread of oppinions but no concrete answer from anyone who matters...


sooo.. is there a definite ruling on the thickness of padding required for roll bars that MAY come into contact w/ the driver?


I see there is SF45.1 approved padding for sale in various thickness (.5", .75", and 1")


Is there a min requirement or will any SF45.1 approved padding suffice?

Is there a benifit to using a thicker padding?


Only reason i ask is I'm trying to keep as much space between my head w/ helmet on and the bar. Obviously the .5" difference is small, but still noticeable in my situation. I'll clear the bar w/ 1" padding but with little space between (I'm about 6' tall and the bar is as close to the roofline as I could get it and still have my seat in a position i can reach the controls comfortably).


If there is no required thickness, I'd like to see if the exta 1/2" of head space will provide me with more safety than an extra 1/2" of padding. My initial thought is I'd rather have the space than the extra padding, being there will be padding there regardless and I do have an approved helmet on. The padding isn't all that soft to begin with and not hitting at all is better IMO than hitting something slightly more padded. Then again - I'm not an expert and my oppinion means sh*t



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