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Nitto NT01 tire pressures and temps


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Hey guys. I have a 2000 Mustang and I just bought some Nitto NT01 track tires.


What is a good baseline cold and hot tire pressure for track days?


What tire temps should I expect to see across the tire? What is the best operating temp for these tires? Thanks

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I have two friends that both have Mustangs (2003 Cobra 2012 GT) both run NT01. I believe that they run 28f and 26r. Those are good starting points and you can adjust from there to suit your driving.

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Found this on the Toyo Proxies RA1 website. The Proxies are similar to the NT01's, so this info may apply as well. I've been running the NT01's for 2 years and try to keep the hot temp around 40psi. I acquired a pyrometer over winter, so I'll be checking the tire temps more closely now and hopefully get each tire at their optimum operating temp & pressure.


Toyo Tires recommends the following general set up guidelines for the Proxes RA1:

• Operating Temperature: 160°F to 220°F

• Hot Inflation Pressures: High 30s to Low 40s (psi)

• Camber: -2.5° to -5.0°

• Caster: As much positive as possible

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