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Log Book Procedure ?


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What is the procedure for getting a new log book ? I have a PCA book and see how to go about getting a dyno sheet

but I can't find were to get the tech inspection and initial book.

Do I need even need to get one or will the PCA book work ?

Looking forward to racing with you all in GTS3

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I'm not sure which region you're in, but there are approved tech shops which have been authorized to do the NASA Annual Tech inspection. You can probably find a list on your region's web site. Also, a lot of regions will do tech inspections at the track if you're willing to wait in line. In Great Lakes/Midwest, where I'm located, there's a charge for an at-the-track annual.


If you haven't read the NASA rules related to car prep, you may want to take a quick scan through there. The three things that seem to most often cause problems for folks first coming to NASA from somewhere else are: (1) you need to have two driver's side door bars in the cage, (2) you need a center net unless you have a halo seat, and (3) the welds on the cage need to be 360-degrees.


Also, and you probably already know this, to race with us in GTS you'll need a current dyno sheet from a DynoJet dyno (current = less than 12 months old and done with the car in the configuration in which it will be raced) and the new certification form which can be found on the GTS web site at http://nasagts.drivenasa.com/images/stories/GTS_Declaration_2013.pdf


What I can't remember for sure is whether you get the NASA log book as an outcome of the Annual or if you have to bring the Annual to the track and it's there that you get the log book. I kinda think you have to bring it to the track, but I'm sure somebody here will fill in the blanks. Regardless, you'll have a NASA log book before you're through jumping through hoops.


Glad to hear you're joining us.

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I know in our region the tech centers have log books and the NASA decals required.


I do know that so far our tech centers don't have the GTS decals yet but you can of course order them from the link Scott gave.


Like Scott said the PIA item to check might be your roll cage.

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Northeast Region. south NJ

Already ordered and received the class decals (Now just hope the Dyno does not come out much different than what I expect)

I have a safety devices cage (with double door bar) so I think that should be ok.


Thanks for the help.

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Northeast Region here too ! GTS3 is huge here now.


For a tech center you can go to Stable Energies up here in Garfield. They work on mostly Porsche's and are a big retailer so if you need stuff to make your car legal, it's pretty much a one stop and shop.


We are going to have a dyno day also March 23???? at a shop in Middletown. I believe $50 for 3 pulls. Might be worth the hike !

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