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Shawn T.

Track Records for the Mid South Region

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Shawn T.
TTE could use an update and I don't even see Spec Miata


Agreed. I had it all updated and jacked up the file. Will have it updated before Barber.

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Shawn T.
Ahem......., about that slightly outdated records page


We need to get Timing & Scording to automatically update these...hint, hint to our T&S team

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Please review and note any discrepancies...


Track: Memphis International Raceway (new records in bold)


Class Name Time Date

AI Jeremy Moen 1:13.475 11/9/2013

CMC Joshua Thomas 1:22.202 11/10/2012

GTS1 Victor Kelly 1:23.331 9/28/2013

GTS2 Rob Case 1:15.953 6/30/2013

GTS3 Werner Stark 1:12.169 11/9/2013

GTS4 Werner Stark 1:16.557 5/5/2012

HC1 Rob Oxford 1:17.717 6/30/2013

PTD Chris Viscovich 1:17.943 11/9/2013

PTE Trey Walker 1:23.019 3/2/2013

Spec E30 Chris Tuttell 1:18.719 11/9/2013

STR3 Dave Schram 1:15.915 11/9/2013

STR2 Dave Schram 1:18.006 11/19/2011

SU Joshua Thomas 1:11.653 11/10/2013

ST1 Brad White 1:13.802 11/10/2012

ST2 Dennis Mitchell 1:15.486 11/10/2012

Spec 944 Jeremy Pohlman 1:19.721 11/9/2013

Spec Z Clark Crawford 1:15.738 11/9/2013


TT1 Larry Bailey 1:09.208 6/30/2013

TTA Bret Butler 1:16.201 11/10/2012

TTB Wynn Suebhongsang 1:15.553 6/30/2013

TTC Rob Case 1:17.781 11/19/2011

TTD Randall Conn 1:23.418 11/10/2012

TTE Randall Conn 1:23.164 11/10/2012

TTF Bud Scott 1:31.516 7/10/2011

TTS Jim Davenport 1:17.042 5/6/2012

TTU Larry Bailey 1:14.663 3/3/2013

TTR Anton Dias Perera 1:17.068 11/10/2012


Will be adding the other tracks we have visited as well but wanted to compile the info for Memphis first as it is the toughest to do.


I just went through all the Timing & Scoring Records for TT and came up with this list as of the November 2017 Track Weekend


Time Class Date Name

1:07.190 TT1 Jun-16 Larry Bailey

1:10.116 TT2 Apr-17 Eric Yow

1:10.531 TT3 Jun-16 Christopher Tuttel

1:15.553 TTB Jun-13 Wynn Suebhongyesang

1:16.591 TTC Apr-15 Scott McBride

1:17.029 TTD Nov-17 Rob Rehkopf

1:21.328 TTE Apr-16 Erik Ronnenberg

1:33.336 TTF Apr-16 Shawn Taylor (looks like it should be Bud Scott 1:31.516 7/10/2011)

1:14.663 TTU Mar-13 Larry Bailey



If there are any mistakes, please post here or email me at [email protected]

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Brian E.

Spec E30 Brian Edmonds 1:18.376 4/23/17

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Does the Google spreadsheet with all the track records exist? I can't find it anywhere.

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bump - where can we find track records?  

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