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Balast question


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Lol, nobody has said a word for two years...Now I gotta sweat it, who brought this up???? Anybody know how hard it is to drill a hole through a lead bar?




Lead is very soft and real easy to drill. Sometimes to easy and it clogs up the bit !! I have steel plates and they are much harder to drill. Joon brought it up as a general question as regards to the wording in the NASA rule book. You'll be fine



-Scott B.


Thanks Scott, I really struggled with a drill press last time. Maybe I need to go with the high speed, near melt technique next time...

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Who ever would have though mounting a bunch of lead was so complicated. Scott I took your advice and I mounted it inside the car. You did some inception or something and I thought to myself if that lead weight ever fell off (and trust me there would be no way it would have) I could never look anyone in the face again.


Eric is right, and common sense prevails here, but the CCR rule for mounting weight with a bunch of bolts is impractical and way overkill.


Personally speaking I really didn't have problems drilling through the lead, maybe the bars I had were softer?

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