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Reward for Stolen Trailer (New Orleans)


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Call or TEXT: (504)491-5297


Taken between: 16:30 Sat. March 23, 1013 & 06:00 Monday March 25, 2013


Inside trailer:

4 sets of wheels and tires (1 set white, 2 sets silver D-Force, 1 set black TR Brand)

4 new un-mounted (Toyo Proxes RR) tires

Aluminum racing jack (Blue and Silver, Torin Brand)

Arai racing helmet all white size XL

Black & white driving suit SPARCO Brand

Home made aluminum tire rack

Driving Shoes , Black (Oakley Brand)

Dewalt 1/2'’ 18V impact driver

Tire Gauge Blue



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Do you have a more specific location where it was at. A diesel forum Im on has a few guys in new orleans that are keeping an eye out.

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Probably the same dude that stole my 24' Haulmark last October in Spring, TX. Warrant is out for his arrest. Last we heard, he had head to Louisiana. It sucks.

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It was stolen in Metairie at the foot of the Huey P. Long bridge.


A block away from the super Wal Mart.


I have a very fuzzy video of him taking it. He backed up to my trailer on


Sunday March 24th at 10:45pm, he cut through my tounge lock with a portable grinder.


The truck looks to be a light color American made dual wheel pick up. It looks like he had an ATV or lawn tractor in the rear of his truck as well.


rleng1....if you PM me the guys name, i can keep a look out for him in La.

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Got a all from the Harris County DA's office, and my guy has been arrested. He is wanting to return my white trailer, but now it is black. may not be the same guy, but he bounces back between TX and LA. I'll pm his name.

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So what do we do now, low jack the trailers? Seems the tongue and wheels locks are as simple as a portable grinder to bypass recently.

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