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1988 944 Turbo For Sale 12000


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Car was built by Chris Cervelli and originally raced in the POC on the West Coast. I purchased the car in 2003 and brought to the midwest for PCA Club Racing. This car is extremely well sorted and ready to race with a current PCA log book. Reason for selling: I have had my fun with the car and am now spending more time with my teenage son racing dirt bikes. In addition I am part owner in a Chump Car and have access to an SP1 944 when the PCA/NASA urge strikes. I have put a lot of time, money, effort and care into this car, but I can't really justify the expense of multiple race cars. This car puts almost 300 very reliable horse power to the rear wheels - olny 6 DNFs in 7 years and 33 races.


Craigslist with pictures



Following per Rennpoints...

Fastest Lap Times as a solo driver (PCT = Percentage of Record)


Eagles Canyon 1:57.698 1:57.698 100.0 2009-05-24 (Track Record)

Hastings 1:33.462 1:33.462 00.0 2008-05-31 (Track Record)

Heartland 1:43.935 1:43.752 99.8 2009-04-18

Hallett 1:23.060 1:21.746 98.4 2009-10-03

Heartland 1:45.297 1:41.617 96.5 2008-04-19

Brainerd 1:50.442 1:43.911 94.1 2008-07-27



Race Results Summary


Number of Races 33

Class Wins 20 (61%)

Class Podiums 27 (82%)

Group Wins 0 (0%)

Group Podiums 3 (9%)


Pauter Rods

Crossed drilled crank

Extrude honed intake and head

Weltmister bars

Weltmister strut tower brace

Spec - 5 puck clutch and aluminum flywheel

Fabcar arms

993 brakes (I have new Pagid orange F and R pads included)

Eibach springs (1400 lb front / 1100 lb rear)

CCW wheels 18x10 square setup - 2 sets

Fikse wheels 10x10 2 wheels (same specs as CCW)

K26/27 turbo

Greddy Electronic boost controller

GT Racing fiberglass front end, hood, fenders, quarters, sunroof

Lexan hatch

Custom fab aluminum wing mount

ARP aluminum wing

Custom brake ducting

Cold air intake and MAF

Custom tune on chip

TC Racing removable steering wheel hub

Momo course steering wheel

Custom aluminum seat back brace

Kirkey aluminum intermideate race seat

Custom cage

Custom dash

Baffled oil pan

Boost, intercooler and AFm guages

Custom turbo piping

Lightweight dry cell battery

yada yada ..I cant even remember everything




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