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HPD to Once Again Be Title Sponsor of Honda Challenge Series


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NAPA VALLEY, CA — The National Auto Sport Association (NASA) is pleased to announce that Honda Performance Development (HPD) will remain the Title Sponsor of the HPD Honda Challenge series in 2013. This marks the fourth year of the title sponsorship and HPD’s continued commitment to the Honda Challenge Series.


HPD will continue it’s popular racer support program for NASA’s Honda Challenge series as part of the title sponsorship agreement. These include the NASA Championships, Regional championships and Regional racing contingency programs and continue to make the HPD Honda Challenge series the most rewarding amateur series in the country to race a Honda or Acura vehicle.

“It is great to welcome back HPD as the Title Sponsor for NASA’s Honda Challenge Series”, said Jeremy Croiset, NASA Director of Sponsorship. “The HPD Honda Challenge series has become the premier Honda and Acura only vehicle class providing extremely close and competitive racing for automotive enthusiasts. Three classes of racing allow for varied modification levels and provide competitors numerous options for constructing competition vehicles. HPD’s Honda Racing Line Program allows competitors a direct line to extremely knowledgeable staff ready to help them get their vehicle on track. Any Honda or Acura regardless of class should be a Honda Racing Line member.”

Additionally, HPD will continue its much appreciated support of the series, including a fantastic contingency program, which is worth more than $100,000 in 2013 alone. HPD will again offer Honda Challenge competitors cash prizes at the 2013 NASA Championships with up to $3,000 for a victory, $2,000 for second, and $1,500 for a third-place finish in each Honda Challenge class. Additionally, each competitor that finishes the Honda Challenge National Championships race will be awarded $500 cash, regardless of finishing position.


The HPD contingency program also will provide awards to finishers in each Honda Challenge class during the first points race of each regional racing weekend during the 2013 season. The Regional program will provide payouts in each Honda Challenge class up to $450 of contingency support for each event. HPD also will reward regional Honda Challenge champions with a $500 cash bonus if they choose to participate in the 2013 NASA National Championships Honda Challenge race.

To qualify for these generous awards, Honda and Acura NASA competitors must be registered members of the Honda Racing Line program and display the required HPD decals during competition. The Honda Racing Line program is designed to make HPD parts and services available to amateur and entry-level professional racers. Honda Racing Line membership is available free of charge to any NASA competitor.


NASA will administer the National Championship and Regional racing portions of the 2013 HPD contingency program. Competitors will be required to submit contingency claim information within 30 days of the posting of official results for each eligible event.


To become a registered member of the Honda Racing Line program, please visit http://racing.honda.com/hpd. For complete details on the 2013 HPD Contingency program, please visit the contingency section on the NASA website at http://www.nasaproracing.com/contingency.


To read this and all other NASA press releases please visit http://www.nasaproracing.com/news

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