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New Alcon benefit for Honda Challenge participants.


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The National Auto Sport Association (NASA) is pleased to announce that Alcon; specialists in brakes and clutches have implemented a contingency program for the 2013 NASA regional racing season.


This newly announced contingency program will be immediately available to drivers in all 2013 regional events. The program requires competitors visit http://www.alconkits.com/NASA.html to register for the contingency program before you begin to collect awards. Once registered, competitors participating in the program will be eligible for one “Alcon Dollar” per NASA regional point they collect during the 2013 regional racing season. These “Alcon Dollars” can be used for the purchase of any Alcon branded products from AlconKits.com (operated by Motodelta Motorsports) and may be redeemed anytime during the 2013 calendar year.


Additionally, any NASA member is also eligible for a 10% discount toward any Alcon products on the http://www.alconkits.com website. For more details on the discount offer and complete program details on this new contingency program, please visit http://www.nasaproracing.com/contingency.

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Having been through the frustrations of onerous contingency requirements myself, we spent a LOT of time trying to figure out how to make this easy, I hope we hit the mark. Please don't hesitate to call (630-360-AKIT) or email [email protected] if you have any questions.


Please visit and "Like" the Facebook page if you get a chance.




We'll have some drawings and FB only specials coming up this year as well!



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