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1992 Honda Prelude


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Anyone know if a 1992 Honda Prelude with the following mods would be competitive in HC?




JDM H22 from HMotorsOnline.com (mileage unknown, used for 3 track days)

Custom intake and filter

modified factory intake manifold

custom catch can

Walbro 255 lph fuel pump

No AC or power steering

New brake master cylinder and brake booster

new hoses all around

new water pump

new timing belt w/ H23 manual tensioner

removed all unnecessary sensors



P28 ecu w/ custom tune on Chrome

Longacre racing kill switch

Braille 9lbs battery in custom lowered tray (regular upkeep with a battery tender)



Custom rebuilt Koni yellow shocks, rebuilt and shortened by Koni USA

Multiple sets of Hypercoil springs: 850, 900, 950, and 1,000 lbs springs (2 of each; 850 and 1,000 on car)

Koni adjustable sleeves for springs

custom made aluminum isolators on tops of springs

SPC camber kits on front and rear (caster & toe stock adjustable front, toe stock adjustable rear)

McKinney Raceworks spherical radius rod bushings

Hard Race front lca, rear lca, and rear trailing arm bushings (all spherical/pillow ball)



96 Vtec brake upgrade in front

Carbotech XP10 front pads and XP8 rear pads

ATE Super Blue brake fluid



Custom built in roll cage to SCCA and NASA spec by Lucas Automotive Restoration in Houston w/ additional seat bracket for shorter driver; NASCAR syle door bars (full cage cost $3,700 installed)

Ultra Shield 16" 20 deg Pro Road Race Seat w/ gray cover- Driver

Ultra Shield 17" 20 deg Rally Sport Seat w/ gray cover- Passenger

G-Force pull down cam lock 5 point harnesses for driver and passenger

Custom adjustable rear seat brace for drivers seat

Window net for driver

Center net

I/O Port camera mount

NRG steering wheel and quick disconnect kit w/ working horn

I/O Port Heavy Duty Tow Straps - front & rear

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Jeremy C.

I believe so.

The H22 is a very fast platform and could do very well in HC2!

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The prelude can do good in H2. A few things you might want to do down the road to make it faster:


Use a S2K throttle body, over the OEM prelude one. It's a little bigger and still legal.

Get a good 5 angle valve job done on the head

Use stiffer valve springs so you can rev to 8K RPM (H22's can make good power up there with good flowing intake and exhaust)

Get a good LSD, and a 4.7 FD or 5.1 FD (depends on your tire size) in the transmission


when you get up to speed you might need to get a bigger brake set up. I started cracking the OEM rotors every 3rd or 4th track day (real bad cracks all the way to the other side of the rotor). I went to a 2000 acura RL rotor (larger mass) and it fixed that problem.


Good Luck!

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