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First Honda EK Racecar in Mexico


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Hello guys this is my first post on the forum. Nice to write to you all... haha


My name is Diego Ortega and Ive been racing for a while in many race classes here in Mexico, even won championships, from karts and spec formulas, to Nascar Mexico.


This year I began competing in the Mexican Touring Car Championship, where 1600 lb. tubular chassis with full race 170 whp 140 tq 2.0 liter 8v VW engined racecars dominated.....until now.


Since I am running now on my own budget, I decided to build the first Honda Civic EK Racecar raced in Mexico, since people don´t know much about Hondas here...(Only VW, Opels, Renaults and stuff like that) It had a B18C JDM engine with bolt ons, and suspension. Race weight was over 2150 lbs.


I won my first race in a class where lighter, more aerodynamic and torquier race cars are faster. After that race, a guy bought it from me, and I decided to build another Honda. This time, a EG chassis with a K20A2 engine with ITBs, headers, open exhaust, KPro, Skunk 2 Pro Cs with its stock springrate, full adjustability in alignment (camber, toes, heights), no bar in front and a rear ASR 24mm with around 2200 lbs weight. Stock tranny seems to work well at this track.


I know that many of you guys here have a lot of experience and some advice about my car/car setup would be apreciated since Im the first guy here in Mexico with this kind of cars.


Oh, the track is Mexicos, Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, a medium-fast racetrack with smooth transitions and only one hard braking zone.


Thank you!

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Marcel D.

Hola Diego , todavía se llama categoría pony ? Si tienes alguna pregunta en específico déjame saber

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