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Tires for sale cheap - delivery to Sebring

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I have a small stack of Kumho V710 tires, 275/17 that I stockpiled when these were the spec tires for my Factory Five Spec Racer. 5 heat cycles on each tire. They haven't been the spec tire in a while, and I can't run them on my American Iron mustang, so they sit. They have always been stored in a shaded garage. Tell me how many you need and make an offer. I don't need much money out of these, I'd just like the space and to get them to a good home. They have about the same traction as a similarly sized Toyo RA-1. Good HPDE or enduro tire. They don't have Hoosier levels of grip, so if you are looking to run in the front at a race or TT class, these probably aren't for you.


I also have a small stack of Toyo 205 50 15 (Spec Miata or Spec E30) take off tires. These will have around 15 heat cycles each. Same drill, tell me how many you need and what you want to pay. These will be for the budget minded folks, they won't run in the front. Call or text 941-737-39 two two. I can deliver to Sebring.

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