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31 ft Class C 96 Ford E350 tandem rear (6 tires back) CHEEP!

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MAKE OFFER!!! MUST SELL BY end of JULY Selling our 31 foot Class C Motorhome. Only 40k miles. Built in Generator or 30 AMP shore power. It has a tandem rear axle, 6 tires on the back and very stable... Takes LT tires not the expensive big truck tires... But does not need them information provided just if curious...

NEW TRANSMISSION well 2k miles ago... Had it "built up" with upgraded components and torque converter.

Tows great! I have towed a 26 ft enclosed behind this with out issue.

The 6 tires in back make it nice and stable. Tractor trailers passing you??? You don't feel it...

Normally tow open trailer due to less cost with gas. This thing does not even know your towing an open trailer/car...

Plkenty of basement storage. Big Slide.

Everything works. Hot water heater, HVAC, fridge etc...

We used this thing for vacations, track weekends etc.. A lot of the PTE regulars have slept in it on cold or hot nights.

It has a queen in the back. Queen overhead. Queen sofa sleeper and a full size on the table.

Great CHEAP tow rig that will double as a vacation rental at your local state park or hotel at the track.

It knows its way well to Summit Point and VIR.

Ready to roll needs nothing current state inspection etc...

Expect wear and tare for a 15 year old motorhome, but actually really great for its age.

Bring the family to your next track event.



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What year?

What motor?

Asking price?

Pics of inside/engine bay?

Any damage/leaks?

Towing capacity?




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What year? 1996

What motor? 460 Fuel Injected Gas

Asking price? $8000 obo

Pics of inside/engine bay? I'll see what I can do this week.

Any damage/leaks? Normal leaks in a 17yo motorhome. No smells etc.. No current leaks.

Towing capacity? Don't know....





It is located in 23113. I would not hesitate to drive it anywhere.

midpackmotorsports at g mail

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Hot water heater

Why do you need to heat water that's already hot


Kidding, good luck with your sale...

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