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Misc. Mustang Parts


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Hey guys, I have some remaining mustang parts, and if anybody is interested, please go ahead and offer up, pics are available upon request

- Spec Mustang 26 Spline Stage 3+ Clutch Kit (99-04 Cobra ; Mach-1 ; Late 01-04 GT ; Bullitt) (SF873FT) New in box, does not have pilot bearing and TOB- SOLD

- 05-10 GT 6 bolt Spec aluminum FW (SF46A), new in box, needs to have corrosion on contact ring removed-offer

- 05-10 GT Pypes 304 SS shorty headers HDR54S, 45K miles, some surface rust, no hardware- offer

- 05-10 GT Pypes O/R X-pipe, complete, 45K miles, slightly bent, still works- $25

- 07 GT automatic wiring harness and ECU, 45K miles, excelent condition, works fine- offer

- 5R55S automatic transmission that I blew at Sebring, prompting me to swap my S197 mustang to a FR500-spec T56R (long story ) no clue whats wrong with it, about 45K miles (seeing a pattern here?)- free to a good home, buyer must arrange shipping tho

- Set of stock S197 4.6 3V heads, only about 25K miles, mostly comlete, might be missing a few parts, I have had them sitting for a few years- offer

-S197 automatic shifter, automatic brake pedal bracket assembly, etc. 45K miles, good condition- offer

- Still unearthing stuff, will probably add more soon. If you need something, dont hesitate to ask.... I have accumulated some parts that most wouldnt ever think of....


I do travel a lot, so please give me at least a day or two to get back to you, thanks, Tom

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