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Prototype Development Group 25 hour update

richard migliori

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Team PDG is proud to announce the drivers for the 2013 25 hours of Thunderhill race. I want to thank all the drivers that inquired about the seats available. We filled them again pretty quickly.


Drivers for the race are:


Mike Holland 4th year with PDG

Steve Zadig 3rd year with PDG

Davy Jones PDG rookie (winner of 24 hour Lemans, 24 hour Daytona, 2nd Indy 500)

John Trefethen 2nd year with PDG


We are expecting another great effort and hope to be in the winner's circle this year!


See you at the races!

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We have been working hard on the car and drivers for the big show. Finished the RDC 4 hour earlier as a tune up and finished 2nd and 4th overall. Davy drove the back half and had a seat belt malfunction that resulted in the solid second. Steve Zadig, a PDG regular behind the wheel finished first overall by 3 laps in his own car! The car is in terrific condition and trimmed 5 seconds this year off our Thunderhill lap time!

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