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C5 tire recommendations needed


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Prepping a C5 Z06 for a few HPDE days. Can anyone suggest a decent tire based on experience? I am not new to HPDE but the Z06 is new to me so something that will not be overkill. I also drive to and from the track.


Thanks folks!

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I've been running the Nitto NT-01's for 2 years now and really like them. Hoping to finish this season with them and then I'll be needing a new set. Didnt really start wearing on them till I got in DE3 earlier this year. If being in DE3 is any indication, I'll be lucky to get a full season out of a set now. I run a 2008 Mustang, much heavier than your C5. For tires you can drive to the track, run on track and drive back home, look into the new BF Goodrich Rival's. Hearing some pretty good reports on them so far.

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If you are driving to the Track you might want to look at the Nitto NT05 or the NT555 R2. I run the R2 most of the time but I do not drive to the track on them. NT01 and the R2 have the same tread wear of 100 but the R2 has more tread and would be better in the rain. NT05 has a tread wear of 200 so it is still a sticky tire but is considered a street tire and not a competition tire.

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you said you drive to the track on the tires. so assuming something like hoosiers is a no go. do you daily on the same tires you would be tracking on?


best case scenario is get a second set of wheels a hitch and a harbor frieght trailer and bring track tires. besides your gonna be pulling wheels off anyway to put track pads on (yes you NEED track pads on a C5Z).


now assuming you want a street tire for your HPDE's. here is a list I put together. its been several months so prices might have fluctuated.


oh, not too many 265 front tire optins. so if you go with a 275/40-17 in the front.

Nitto NT-05 166

Kumho XS 188

Falken Azenis 209

Michelin PS2 318


the hankook RS3 would be another good one but they dont have good C5Z sizes


a good match setup would be


Kumho XS

285/40-17 218

315/30-18 348




BFG Rival

255/40-17 211

295/35-18 301

or even bigger rear

315/30-18 325


you may want to consider getting another pair of rear 18x10.5's and run a square setup. that what I do and I like it. easier to move tires around for wear too.


if you go with competition tires. here is whats available. the times listed were from a GRM article comparing them.


18" C5 Z06 size available Price set of 4

BFGoodrich R1-S 01:26.8 285/30-18 343 1372

Kumho V710 01:27.3 305/30-18 399 1596

Hankook Z241 C71 01:27.8 275/35-18 243 972

Hoosier A6 01:28.1 315/30-18 376 1504

Goodyear eagle RS-AC 01:28.3 315/30-18 365 1460

yokohama Advan A048 01:28.7 295/30-18 375 1500

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hey I went looking for my tires since my streets are worn out. I noticed an online vendor has the 285/35-18 hankook RS3 with a 2009 production date on closeout. its 10mm narrower than OEM, and actually those tires run plenty fat, so its likely a wash on the size, my guess is right at OEM spec. so I got a pair and matched it with a pair of 255/40-17 for the front, also 10mm narrower than OEM but the largest 17 inch offered. again 10mm narrower all around but this brand run big, so should work just fine, and the tires are really gummy. I got the whole set for under $700 shipped. not bad for a set of vette size track worthy street tires (I call them cheater streets). Id recommend running over to that vendor and scoring some yourself, I think youll like them. can I name the vendor on here? if not if you been to a big level AX you probably seen them on everyones windshield banner, hint. and FYI I ran them before on my miata for everything... track, AX, and street. I loved them. great tire. wears quick though, but thats the tradeoff for grip.

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oh cool. okay tire rack. go to seach by brand, click on hankook, then RS3, then go to specs and you will see some sizes listed with 2009 production, when you click on them you will see the sloseout price ($159).


also FYI I looked up the specs. The OEM Goodyear eagle F1 in 295/35-18 puts 10.2” of rubber down. the 285/35-18 hanlooks RS3 puts 10.1” down. so yea, its basically the same size.


And the 255 in the front is 9.7” of rubber down. which is only 0.4” smaller, according to my calcs that only 10mm smaller than the rear. That’s a big 255.


so yeah, these are about the same footprint as OEM, but gummier. Im happy with my $700 investment.

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275/40/17 square on 17x9.5 wheels is going to be the best bang for the buck and you'll learn the car better with that setup as well.

Nitto 555RII or NT01 are good options.

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