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Hi all,


I'm new to the forum but not so new to NASA. I'm in HPDE 2 looking forward to move up to TT. I bought Bill Bree's Protege early this year and planned to start using it, but unfortunately I'm dealing with some unexpected family issues and I'm being forced to sell it. Most of you know the car, so if anybody is interested in it or know someone that might I would appreciate it if you spread the word.


Once I solve the issues with my family, I plan to keep working my way through HPDE and eventually get my license.


I tried to post it in the for sale section but since I'm new to the forum, I need to have some activity. Any questions about the car can be posted here or I can answer though PM or email.



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Sorry to hear you are having challenges.

Welcome to the forum and I am sure that someone won't mind listing the car in the for sale section. I'd advise putting together all your info in a text doc and pictures in a folder or in an online gallery so as to make a quick and easy hand off of info.


Best of luck and don't give up on your pursuit of driving. Perhaps you can share where the car is located and what region you are participating with? The forum hits members across the nation.

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