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Volunteers needed for World Challenge Pro Race Sonoma aug21-

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We are looking for a few volunteers to help for Sonoma for our team. Pirelli World Challenge race.




There will be several different things to help out with including downloading data files from each race car, support for drivers, helping in the pits and working with our crew chief on support for the cars. We are a 4 car team racing TCB class which placed 1st and 3rd at the last COTA race in Texas. It does get fast paced at the track and need some volunteers that can keep up. It is an experience to work with a pro team at a pro event. You must be very professional.




Please let me know your experience, whether it would be computer skills and or automotive. Can you drive a stick? We need a picture of you along with your age and skill level. Also whether you have a SCCA Membership or not.




The Breathless Performance Racing Team is gearing up for Sonoma and getting excited to meet you all. We would be happy to have you volunteer at this great event and we look forward to sharing this experience with you.




Here are the event details so you can all start making your plans. Only the approved BPP volunteers will be provided with access to the PIT area. Any persons accompanying the volunteers will not be authorized to access, so please make your arrangements as appropriate.




Volunteers hours will be 7AM to 5PM from Aug 21st to the 25th.


Volunteers will receive T-Shirts to wear for the event.


Volunteers must wear black jeans or Dickies (event requirement).


Volunteers can wear sneakers, boots etc.. but NO OPEN TOED shoes or sandals allowed. *Remember you will be on your feet for long periods of time and will be around oil and grease so choose wisely.


Volunteers will be provided with food and water during the event. NO ALCOHOL or DRUGS are to be consumed. There is a zero tolerance policy and you will be exited from the event.


Volunteers are responsible for their own travel and accommodations. Non-event meals will not be provided so please include these into your personal plans.


Volunteers will be representing Breathless Performance Racing, Ernie Francis Jr. and all of our sponsors. We ask that everyone conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.




Media will be everywhere during this event. Everything we do is up for interpretation and our reputation is on the line. This is a serious and dangerous business. Safety is our number one priority. You will work hard but we want you to be safe and thoroughly enjoy your experience. If you have any questions or concerns or issues of any kind during the event, please direct them to the PIT Chief. If the PIT chief is not available, you will contact Ernie Francis Sr.










Your One Stop Performance Shop




2000 Stirling Rd

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