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Split start for Nationals?


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Hey GTS racers,


I sent a few emails back and forth with Scott about having a split start for our run group. GTS 5/4 then GTS 3/2/1. Miller is huge so if done well we could get a good amount of laps in before the 5/4 cars catch the back of the 3/2/1 field and the fast 3 guys catch the slower 5/4 guys. When I was back in June, traffic was a big issue with slower 5/4 cars as they would blow by me on the straight and then I would catch them by turn 4 and have them block me the rest of the lap. It would be really nice if a slower 5/4 car did not determine a slower classes race.




It our run group, if we can get a majority to agree at Nationals I know our race director can make it happen.




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MMP is quite poorly designed in that respect. Start/finish is at the *start* of a monster straight. So the high-power/slow-in-turns guys go blasting straight past the low-power/fast-in-turns guys and you end up with a great mess for the first lap or two as cars try to sort themselves back into laptime order.


The smart thing to do would be to move start/finish to the flag station at the *end* of the front straight, so the cars hit T1 still sorted by lap times.


Assuming we won't be doing this then yes, anything the GTS leadership can do to prevent this quite predictable pileup would be most appreciated, please.

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How is the grid normally set for Nationals? Class then lap times or lap times for the field regardless of class? The split start would work good for the 3 cars but not for the 2 or 4 cars. Moving the green flag down on the front straight would probably help but both of these options are effected on how the grid is set, class or times. I agree that the cat and mouse routine that goes on with the higher horsepower class cars but slower in the turns can be hazard.


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When using split starts by class in GTS it has caused many more problems then setting it by time. Ask anyone that raced at Nationals in 2011 or the officials. There's a reason we went back to setting grid by times regardless of class.




-Scott B.

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