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Securing engine bay/ underbelly plastics?


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Having a little difficulty securing my engine bay/under belly plastics with the intercooler, oil cooler, and power steering cooler I have installed in the car. Additionally the previous owner has removed a few of the plastics and therefore did not come with my car. As many of you know, the under belly plastics are all interconnected; for example, the fender liner is attached to the bottom plastic. Is it legal to secure the plastics using zipties? Or, should I just get rid of them altogether? I'd really like to keep them to protect some of the wiring, coolant lines, oil lines, etc hidden by these plastics.




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Secure them as best as possible in a way that makes sense for the car, usage, modifications, etc. There aren't really any safey rules one way or another on undertrays, just use common sense and don't set the car up to be a hazard to others (ie where it'll eject plastic parts randomly towards other cars, workers, etc) or a hazard to itself (overheat, or run over itself, or...) and you'll be fine.

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