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D16A Metal head gasket


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D16A6 in ITA trim.


I've used them and find them less reliable than non MLS gaskets. Even with ARP studs and extra clamping force those provide. However, part of that is I didn't retorque them and when the last MLS gasket failed I check the torque on the head studs before removing the head and several of them had un-torqued quite a bit. So while I could have probably just reused that gasket and retorqued the head, I bought a felpro non-MLS gasket and it's still running to this day. I've come to the unwavering decision that no matter what the manufacturer says, or what the engine builder says or what tom's bob's uncle joey says...


MLS gaskets need to be re-torqued.



I'm wary about reusing it for racing purposes. Maybe for a street car.

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