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BeaveRun Sep 27-8 Report


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BeaveRun Time Trials

Sept 27-28, 2003


The NASA Ohio/Indiana region's final visit of 2003 to BeaveRun dawned on Saturday with clouds and wet conditions but competitors in high spirits. The forecast called for clearing conditions but not before the wet track would test the skills of the advanced HPDE time trial drivers.


HPDE 4 and time trial group was first on the track at 9 AM. The wet conditions kept the group from setting any track records but soon the group lap times began to fall. As the checkered flag fell the two top time trialers were separated by only .6 seconds, with Jim Petroski of C-class recording a 1:19.22 and Walter McKinney of D-class a close 1:19.85. The stage was set for an exciting weekend see-saw battle.


In the next session the track condition became wetter as more rain fell but the laps times fell as well as the competitors warmed up to the track. Brian Timmermeister stormed around the track in his Lotus 7 replica to a 1:17.25 lap, besting Walter McKinney in his Honda Prelude at 1:17.82 and Jim Petroski in his Mustang GT at 1:18.87. Brian Sanders, preparing for his competition debut in the upcoming Putnam Park event, motored his FFR Sports Roadster around the course at 1:34.63 in his first warmup session.


But the third session proved to be fateful. The track condition continued to be wet with running water on the backstraight after T8, and while Brian Sanders and Jim Petroski opted to keep their cars in the paddock, Brian Timmermeister elected to run again in the rain. On his second lap he lost control of his 7-car and hit the outer guard rail, heavily damaging the front suspension. Brian was one of many competitors to find that guard rail during Saturday's sessions.


The track finally began producing some much needed grip by the late Saturday sessions. With the course drying out and the crossing streams drying to a trickle, the competition again heated up as Jim Petroski posted his fastest time of the day at 1:17.04. Walter McKinney improved his best time as he dropped to 1:18.64, and Brian Sanders dropped several seconds to 1:22.16. Brian Sanders also earned the weekend "Danny Sullivan" award by spinning 360 on the hill coming out of T7 but keeping it on the course and moving on. Well done Brian!


With the showers gone by late Saturday, Sunday dawned clear and crisp with the promise of better traction. The first time trials group went out at 10 AM and the fresh track quickly gave up faster lap times. A tough battle ensued and when the checkered flag fell it was Walter McKinney on top with a 1:11.89 lap, Jim Petroski second at 1:12.14 and Brian Sanders a close third at 1:12.96 - less than a second separating these three competitors and cars in different classes. These would prove to be the best times of the weekend as the next session saw more rain fall at the track, and the drivers slow to 1:15-18 laps.


Congratulations to the drivers participating this weekend under diverse conditions!


Next up - Putnam Park, Oct 11-12.



Jim Petroski

NASA OH/IN Time Trials Director

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