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2014 GTS rules proposal submissions ARE NOW CLOSED


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Yep, it's that time of year again. If there are changes you think should be made to the GTS rules, now is the time to suggest them.


As we did last year, this year's process will be multi-part. Here's what to expect and when to expect it:


Proposal period: From now through Sunday October 6, we will accept any and all rules change suggestions.


SD discussion period: The regional GTS Series Directors and I will sift through the submissions and decide which, if any, we wish to consider for adoption. We'll make our decisions by Sunday, October 13.


Open discussion in the forum: Beginning Monday, October 14 through Sunday, November 3, the proposed rules changes will be posted here, in the general GTS Forum, for open discussion.


SD discussion period: At the close of the open discussion period, the regional SDs and I will again convene to review all the Forum comments and make our final decisions on what to include, what not to include, and how to word any new or changed rules. We plan to have that done by Sunday, November 17.


Posting of 2014 rules: Barring unforeseen delay, we will post the final 2014 rules no later than Wednesday, November 27, the day before Thanksgiving.

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Just a little over a week left to get your rules change suggestions in!


We already have many thoughtful proposals that have been submitted, but if there's something you think should be added/changed/modified in the GTS rules, you have until Sunday, October 6 to get yours submitted (or don't complain about it for the next year).

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