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Beaver Run September 8, 2005


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Is any one comming to this event over the Labor day weekend?

I would like to run the 3 hour enduro on Monday, but i would need some help. Tire changing, tire pressures - tire temps, gas filler, ect...do you thing you can help?

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Hi Frank,

I am new to the car racing scene but I would be glad to help out if you need a basic "grunt worker". I am building a 1988 Corvette to race in the VVC 1 class after I get my feet wet with some HPDE's.


If you are still going that weekend and need a hand let me know.

Thanks, Matt

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Hi Frank. My dad asked me to post this response for you.


He said he can help crew for you for the Enduro. If you remember, there was a yellow C4 VVC driver that got his license at the June Beaver Run event. That was my dad. He said he'd be glad to help out. If family commitments permit, I will also assist.

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I am in the process of gathering everything i will need for the enduro. I have the following....air tanks, generator, impact tools, nitrogen for the jacking system, fuel tanks. If everything falls into place i will join the enduro...


thanks for the help....

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