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Enduro - Car Club Challenge at LeMans Karting

LMK Eric

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I'm posting here at the request of Scott Smith. LeMans Karting is running a Car Club Challenge race on Sunday, November 10th. It's a 2.5-hour endurance race for all kinds of casual/corporate/speed shops/racing organizations and has been great fun in the past. We currently have a couple teams from other racing organizations and would love to see a team from NASA. Here's the particulars:


- Mega Track (indoor-outdoor configuration)

- Teams of up to 5

- $375 per team (only $75pp with teams of 5)

- 1-week cancellation policy

- Teams must wear Club shirts on race day

- 25-minute Qualifying Session

- 2 ½ hour Race

- Communication strategy is open (radios, pit boards, hand signals)

- Car show in parking lot – you are encouraged to represent your club!

- Prizes: medals + racing credits for top 3 finishing teams ($100 per person for 1 st,

$50 per person for 2nd, $25 per person for 3rd). Free annual racing license for all!

- Free lunch

- Free LMK racing license


Any takers? Please e-mail me at [email protected].



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