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SM build option suggestions


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Hello all!


So after running against a field no larger than 2-3 people in PT last year I've decided I would rather race a slightly slower car with more competitors.


I read every thread on the 1.6 vs 1.8 battle I could find and I'm hoping someone can suggest a year based on the following scenario:


1. I'm only going to be running regionally with So Cal NASA (Not enough money or time to try for nationals)

2. I like sprint races, but I really want to get back to running enduros.

3. I would rather build it from scratch to learn about the car rather than buy one completed (yes, I know that would be a cheaper route)


So my understanding is that with my lower budget the 90 miata would be a perfect car due to the twistier tracks, lighter use of consumables and cheaper starting point.



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I run a 91 in the south east and find it to be pretty competitive unles you are running a track with some long elevation changes or long straightaways since that is where the torque from the bigger 1.8 will over take the 1.6. My 1.6 works well on flat tracks like CMP or Roebling road but struggles at tracks like VIR or Road Atlanta. The 99's and newer seem to be the flavor of the month right now but who knows that is always subject to change.

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