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DISCUSSION CLOSED: Change dyno smoothing factor


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Modification to an existing rule


Existing rule section (if applicable)

Requires the dyno be set to SAE mode with a smoothing factor of 4.


Proposed change

Change the smoothing factor to 5.



Most other NASA classes use a smoothing factor of 5. When we have dynos at the track, more often than not that's how they're set. Rather than add one more thing for the (usually overworked) dyno guys to do (or to get wrong), let's just change our requirements to match the rest of the field.


Proposed new wording

Change "smoothing factor of 4" to "smoothing factor of 5."

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For. Athough I had experimented with different smoothing factors when we did a dyno day and there was virtually NO difference at all. However, the 5 works out fine and has been no problem so far.

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Haven't really seen any difference between 4 or 5 on the dyno. If you change it make current dyno sheets grandfathered until they expire, so everyone doesn't have to run out and get a new dyno run.





-Scott B.

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