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Proposed 2014 rules now all posted here...


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As you can no doubt already see, there are an even dozen new rules proposals which the regional GTS series directors and I have selected for discussion regarding incorporation into the 2014 GTS rules. In all cases, I have removed the names of the folks who submitted the proposed changes as I can't see that knowing the name of the originator has anything to do with assessing the ultimate merits (or lack thereof) of any particular suggestion.


For the record, there were several other rules change proposals (including at least one of my own) that we have not posted here either because we felt they were (a) not something we, as series directors, would support and, therefore, not something that could make it through the process; (b) not in keeping with the spirit of GTS for one reason or another; or © although potentially a good (or even great) idea, not something we might reasonably expect to be able to support technically at our many GTS events in the coming year.


The discussion period is now open and will remain so through Sunday, November 3, at which point we'll all huddle in a smoke-filled back room and decide which, if any, will make it into the 2014 GTS rules.


Please keep in mind that this is intended to be a mature and thoughtful discussion. If you disagree with someone else's comments, please feel free to say so, but do it in a constructive and civil manner as we are, after all, friends here.

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