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What car to go with

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Another vote for 944 here. Ive had mine for a year and a half now and dont regret the decision I made in the slightest. I can say that much like the E30 class, consumables are cheap. A set of pads will last a season and then are able to be backups for the next season. We use the wider version of the Toyo RR Miatas/E30s use. We have a HP cap now that is very attainable by everyone with a pulse. The cars also have a spacious interior for the larger drivers. With a larger wheel base as compared to the Miata and E30, the car is much more forgiving and will be slower to get out of control.


As an added benefit, the 944 Spec rule set is directly linked to SP1 rules within PCA therefore allowing you to have two series to race with if you so desire. That's how I was able to race COTA last May.


Cars with logbooks can be had starting in the $6k range. While I haven't been able to race with the SE guys yet, I understand that there is a growing number and we should be approaching 10 cars next year.

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