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275/35-18 tires available


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I four sets of tires I want to sell. My wife told me to buy a car in 30 days or no more driving her Outback...her brand new Outback that replace the 2010 Outback of 95k miles because I drive it to the track to shoot pictures. So....I found as car I want and can afford and need to sell these tires.


Goodyear Eagle RS tires. I have two sets(8 tires). one set has 4 heat cycles and one set has 2. These tires stick like a Hoosier A6 and wear like a BFG R1. They are great. Ive won 3 SCCA races and had 1 Trans Am 3rd place(against a field on slicks) with this tire and I love them. 275/35-18


Toyo RS1. RS stands for Racing Slick. This is a new Toyo product. I've used several sets this year. I have 4. Size 285/650-18. same as a 275/35-18. fits my 10" wide rim like the 275 Goodyear. This set has four short practice sessions on them. Great track day tire and will last many more sessions.


Yokohama Racing Slicks. 280-650-18. Same fit as above. 4 heat cycles. These we tested with Yokohama motorsports and race and won at Brainerd in Trans Am. I would race on them again.


Like I said, I need to raise some cash. If you can use them, give me a few bucks and shipping for them. Will be at Road Atlanta starting Wednesday afternoon next week if you want to pick them up.


pm me. thanks

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