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Outlaw Vintage Racing

Firebird Man

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Firebird Man

Most of you guys in the SE already know this but I’ve been getting asked more often about the Vintage classes, the rules, and run groups of Outlaw Vintage that we run in NASA-SE.

It looks like we'll be expanding into the MA region in 2014 so interest is growing.

The full rules (with applicable bumps) are listed on the website in the link at the bottom, but here is the generalized overview version:


Cars must be 30 years or older.

We have 4 pwr-wt classes. V1-V4


V1 is an unlimited class, lot of HP, lot of down force, lot of rubber, state of the art suspensions and brakes. Very fast cars.


V2 is more common built cars, mostly V8’s with app 325-425 hp at the rear wheels, although it’s pwr-wt based that’s the average range. Only Factory style or deck lid rear spoilers allowed, 9.5” max rim width, any diameter rim, any brake package.

Most Period Correct pony cars would even fall into this group.


V3 is less hp and 8” max rims, any diameter, any brake package.

V4 is even less hp and 8” max rims, any diameter, any brake package.


V1 and V2 run in the Thunder race group with similar heavier, high hp cars.


V3 and V4 generally run in the Lightning race group with smaller lighter cars, mostly 4 and 6 cylinder cars in Lightning.

We haven't had many V3 and V4 cars run lately, it's mostly been V1 and V2.


Most of our races have between 30-40 total cars in each race group depending on the event, most races are 35-40 minutes, 1 Saturday, 1 Sunday, plus practice and qualifying.


The HP break between V2 and V3 causes some crossover decisions to be made by the driver. While a car may technically be a V3 car sometimes it’s best to run in V2 and upgrade the car if desired. Mainly due to some running lower hp pony cars like a Fox or 3rd Gen F, or a particular car just may be better suited for the Thunder race group over Lightning. The class choice is up to the driver though, but moving up a class is allowed.



Gordon Slingerland

Vintage Class Director


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