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Why isn't the FRS killing TTD?


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I'm a little disappointed. Looks like ND Miata is now a lot better classed than FRS/BRZ.


To add to ja1217's post, in the Great Lakes/Midwest region there are only 2 track records held by FRS/BRZ and one of them is 1 second slower than the TTE record for that track.


I thought I was doing good in TTD until the September event at the Autobahn Country Club when Jason Kohler beat the long standing TTD record by 4 seconds and I was 6 seconds slower than him in second place out of 8 cars. I don't see how with the current weight we can get close to that.


Official results from September Autobahn Event: http://timingscoring.drivenasa.com/NASA_Midwest_Region/2015%20-%20Official%20Results/Autobahn%20-%20September%202015/TT%20Final%20Results%209-20-2015.pdf


I had to chuckle about the lap record in TTD at Road America. That was set with my daily driver on Toyo RR's. Only other mod was E85. That is not a "developed" car. I swapped the LR with an equally undeveloped Mazdaspeed 3 that day. I have gone faster in my old 944 Spec car, which would also be a poorly developed D car.


Point is lap records only mean something if the pond your swimming in is big. Now the 1:34 at Autobahn - that is flying! It is about 5 seconds under the SM lap record set by the very capable Ben Anderson, and 4 seconds under the 944 Spec LR set by the equally capable Neal Agran. Neither of those are optimized TTD cars, but good benchmarks for reference.

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TT4? Same plan as TT3?

Very close, but probably a few more restrictions for cost-containment. But, no base class Mod Factor table as we expect will be needed in the lower level classes. The possible increased restrictions have not been decided on, but one would perhaps be the proposed rear quarter panel rule that was denied in TT1-3. Another could be an aero rule that sticks to a basic (defined) aero package. Another could be relocating suspension mounting points...

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I am working my way through HPDE and I am just starting to build my FRS for TTD.


Does anyone run coil overs without aftermarket toe links? Can you get rear toe within specs without them?

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