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2013 NASA Florida Time Trial champions

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The points for the 2013 NASA Florida Time Trial season have been counted, and after a hard-fought season of converting money into noise, your class champions are:

TTU - Scott Knott

TT1 - Bruce Bartos

TT2 - Daniel Sanzera

TT3 - John Strauss

TTB - Eric Armstrong

TTC - Charles Vedral

TTD - Eric Powell

TTE - Chris Wells

TTF - Joshua Feingold


You can see a full list of all participants and their points at this link:



Drivers, please review these standings for accuracy, and notify me immediately if you see any discrepancies.


The 2013 NASA Florida TT champions will receive their awards on the Saturday of the first NASA Florida event in 2014.


Also, I would like to thank our TT awards sponsors, MAD Motorsports! Thank you for your continued support!






Congratulations to all of our drivers!


Best wishes for 2014,


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