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TTB-TTF---2014 PT Rules are posted on-line now

Greg G.

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While I am sure the notes that were added were well intentioned, the addition of the terms "in almost all cases" and "in most cases" just made the situation much worse. Since this whole series is set up to allow the competitors to class their own vehicles, these terms seem inappropriate since they allow far too much room for individual interpretation. I can say with some certainty that many of us will consider our own situation to be the case that falls outside of almost all the others.

Which is why it says all over both sets of rules and the Car Classification Forms that if you have any questions about modifications to your vehicle, take them up with a PT/TT Director. Most vehicles that have a removed Cat also have modifications to the exhaust itself. Some older vehicles that we still have competing did not even come with a Cat. The rules did not change, but clearly, the notations have but a few on notice that they may have been looking at them too optimistically. Once of the reasons that we have left the Cat mod, is that there are not too many +1 point mods. The other is that +3 points is a lot for someone who just changes out a muffler. (if we were to lump the Cat with the rest of the exhaust).


To all: We are really not looking to re-write this rule this year. But, next year, it just might end up with something like this:

23) Modified or Aftermarket Headers +5 (includes any/all Cat. and exhaust modification)

24) Any modification to any component of an exhaust system without modified or aftermarket headers +3


My e-mail just can't handle the number or complaints we'll get for this one this year.

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Or just let anyone do anything they want (engine and weight mods) as long as the hp to weight ratio is in line. It is far difficult to say the worthiness of any engine mod to x points for all cars.


One mod adds 10hp while another gets nothing for the same points.

I approved this post........because I could.

Sean, you do have a good fire protection system, right?

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If it isn't BTM down from header you have to take points.

I'm doing it all and believe its 7 points with headers.


#224 TTB

Brian HAP Hendricks

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