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A grassroots guide to landing sponsorship deals


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I recently launched a blog meant to help beginner and veteran racers better position themselves for sponsorship opportunities and I hope some of you will find it to be beneficial. I have several articles posted so far and the content focuses heavily on using the web as a tool (blogging, forum posts, social media, Youtube, etc) to build a solid online profile/reputation that sponsors expect to see these days. The idea is to structure your online participation in a way that helps you build an audience that you can use to your advantage in sponsorship proposals.


It's a common topic covered from a slightly different (and modern) angle. Most of the articles you find talking about sponsorship cover very little when it comes to the internet and how to use the web to attract sponsors. I've only come across a couple that even mention the importance of using social media. This guide will dive deep into how using the internet can make you stand out from the crowd. Most of the articles were written specifically with time trials and spec racers in mind.


The website is called CarSponsorshipGuide.com. I'm hoping you guys find it useful enough to read through and try out some of the techniques that are outlined. I will continue to add to the information in there to help make it a solid resource for racing enthusiasts (I've been thinking about writing about contingency programs and comparing sponsorship assistance programs/websites). Feel free to send me an email through the blog with feedback or topics you'd like to see covered.


I've been into tracking my car for the better part of 10 years now and spent time as an instructor in the Rocky Mountain NASA region a few years back. I've also owned and managed some large scale enthusiast web forum sites for the last 15 years, where I've built relationships with members who were successful in obtaining sponsorship as well as with vendors who hand out sponsorships. It's given me a fairly unique perspective. I have made a great deal of what I've learned available on my blog for others to benefit from. Hopefully it can help you score some free parts and get more out of your racing hobby. We all know it ain't cheap!


Thanks in advance, and happy holidays!

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Sounds like a great project.

Thanks! I've had some pretty good reactions to it so far. If you have any feedback on the existing content or topics you think should be covered, feel free to email me through the blog or even send me a PM here if it's easier. I want to try and make this thing effective so that others can use these techniques successfully.

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Any feedback would be appreciated. I've added a little more to some of the articles and did some organizing a bit. Hopefully people find it useful. If there's something you want me to write about, feel free to ask.

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I'm having a great time reading through these articles- there's some fantastic information here!

Thanks Frank. It's nice to get some positive feedback. I know I didn't cover everything, but hopefully I'll get some suggestions on what I should add.

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