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F/S: Spec Miata suspension for '94-'97


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Suspension kit, complete with '99 top hats and Fat Cat Motorsports MCU shock mount / bump stop upgrade. Ready to bolt in, It has been on the car for about 3 years, about 15 track days and roughly 2,500 miles to/from track. This setup has never been driven in the wet . Since I am going to run the car in time trials, I would like to sell this set up and replace it with Xida's .



Bilstein Shocks (P/N 0000-04-5225-BL front; 0000-04-5226-BL rear)

Coil Over Kit; P/N 0000-04-5402

Eibach ERS 2.5" race springs (front 700lbs/6 P/N 0000-04-9700-06; rear 325lbs/7 P/N 0000-04-9325-07)

'99 top mounts

Fat Cat Motorsports bump stops, P/N FCM-MT-KIT-SM


Eibach Sway Bar kit, P/N 0000-04-5303-EB (27mm front, 15mm adjustable rear) includes bushings, but not end links.


Price:$1200, (the new price today is $1800 for the same set up)


Shipping from 80112 is not included.

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Will you sepperate the fcm bump stop kit/top hats?


Sure, $1000 for the bumpstops/top mounts, I will even throw in a set of shocks & springs!

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I'd like to buy the springs and hardware. Basically everything except the shocks ( I'll probably get new ones rather than rebuild) and the sway bars. I have a 99 Miata or else I would pick those up too.


LShipping shouldn't be too bad if we take out those heavy items? Zip code is 94122. Let me know!



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