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Nor-Cal HC


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NASCAR Configuration for Group C race. Something different for us....cool !!http://nasanorcal.com/events/2014/june/junecombined.pdf

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New config should be interesting...poss 5th

Car would be Chris Lock in a mystery k20

Civic....this will be fun...looking forward!

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Nice to see the HC norcal might still have a pulse and not on life support.


I still have my brand newly built DC2 with K24 that I ran (it's ONLY run) at the 2012 National championships in Ohio. Haven't touched it since it came off the trailer from Mid-Ohio.


I'd consider racing in november, but don't we need 5 races this year to qualify to run the event?


The past two years, this has been my life:



Please take a look!


EVERY WEEKEND I'm at a track, coaching and crewing for my daughter and she's either practicing or racing .

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Supporting and sharing that sort of experience with your daughter easily surpasses anything that has occurred in NorCal HC in the past couple of years. Good call. Reality is that the pulse of NorCal is still closer to life support than you think. Yes, five races.

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