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A Word on the American Iron Windshield Banners

Black Horse

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As most of you know, I have been supplying the AI windshield banners at my cost to racers since I designed them over 4 years ago. I have been able to hold the cost to $11 each plus shipping for several years, and over the last two years have taken a loss on each banner.


Due to significant material cost increases this year, I regret that I will have to raise my price rather than trying to take shortcuts to produce these cost effectively (I tried, it didn't work).


To be straight-forward with everyone, starting March 1st the price will be $15 each plus shipping - this gives me about $.75 profit per banner. If you order before March 1st (2014), I will hold the current $11 cost - in other words, get your orders in now!


Of course, if you order other graphics packages - numbers, class lettering, sponsor stickers, etc. at the same time, I will supply the banners for $14 each.


Sorry for the bad news...I have already gone on a diet to buy tires, I can't afford to give up more.

Thank you for your support through the years, I look forward to keeping everyone looking their best and meeting the rule requirements for years to come, let's go racing!!

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I'll trade you some McDonald's coupons for a banner. Take care of your diet concerns and my windshield concerns.

I'll email you for a banner and I don't mind paying the extra to pay for a quality USA made product.

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Dave makes great quality stuff. His prices are groovy too. When you call or email to get your new banner make sure to ask him what else he can cut for you. My entire car is Dave's products, they hold up.

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