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Sway bar blade adjuster mount thingie ???


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I'm posting in the ST/SU area since I think more of you guys have something like this on your car.


I'm looking for a swaybar piece that accepts the splines from the bar and also a blade adjuster.


Commonly the blade adjuster end is welded to the bar but I'm looking for a machined piece. Long story short I want to put blades on both ends of the bar and I can't get the bar out unless I have something like this.



Thanks in advance !

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Thanks for the help. Genesis makes the blades and a weld on bearing holder but nothing that you can take off.


I suppose I could weld the barrel onto something.


If you have to know why I need 2 blades it's to have more resolution as the torsion bar itself is very, very short because it's actually inside the car.


Look at the swaybar of like a DP or even a formular car. Often times there is no bar at all.

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