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Tire Vendor/Tech Station Needed in 2014!

Jim P.

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Howdy all,

Sasco Tire has decided not to follow us in 2014, so we are looking for a tire vendor who wants to come to the track, service our drivers and possibly do Annual Techs at the track. Contact us today (nasaseinfo (at) yahoo.com) if you are interested or know of a station that might be interested.

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Fred Crawford

Mr. Jimbo,

May ask Randy to ask Tim to see if Darrel can do it on tha side. I see them work on those thunder roadsters alot, the look real handy.......




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+another 1 for App Race Tire. They always took good care of us at those, uh, "other" events we used to run. If they're supporting our events this year I will make sure we buy all our tires from them.

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