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Corvett/GTM + Porsche Transaxle/Brand New GM Parts For Sale


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Posting this for Dave Riha, he is selling the following:


Transaxle/Brand New GM Parts For Sale

I am excited to be getting married and have chosen to let my GTM project go. All parts are located near Factory Five in Wareham Massachusetts. The Corvette parts set is brand new and extremely complete even including several motor accessories, and things like seat belt fastener covers, which are often missed.


$6,900 Porsche G96/50 Transaxle: Original, under 4,000 miles. 2003 model. Excellent condition. Not a bit of corrosion. Converted to 2WD for GTM kit. Includes Porsche shifter box with shifter cables custom made for a GTM. Very Strong. New dealer cost is around $18,000.


$10,500 Set of Brand New GM & Corvette Parts: LH/RH Front lower control arms, LH/RH Front upper control arms, LH/RH Knuckles, Front bearing/hub assembly, LH/RH Hub backing plates, Locknuts for lower ball joints, Locknuts for upper ball-joints, Torx bolts for hub assembly, Bolts and washers for upper control arm to chassis, Cam bolts for lower control arms to chassis, Locknut for lower control arm bolts, Cam washers for lower control arm bolts, Bolts for lower shock mount, Locknuts for lower shock mount, LH/RH Front rotors, LH/RH XLR Front calipers with hardware, Bolts for front calipers to knuckles, Washers for calipers to knuckles, Flexible brake lines, Banjo bolts with crush washers, Front/Rear brake pads, LH/RH Rear lower control arms, LH/RH Rear upper control arms, LH/RH Knuckles, Rear bearing/hub assembly, Locknuts for lower ball joints, Locknuts for upper ball-joints, LH/RH Rear rotors, Rear calipers with hardware, Bolts and washers for rear calipers to knuckles, Rear toe link, Locknuts for rear toe link to chassis, Rear outer tie rods with jam nuts, Locknuts for tie rod ball-joints, LH/RH E-brake backing plates, LH/RH Parking brake lever boot protector, Parking brake kit (includes shoes, and misc. parts), LH/RH e-brake cable to knuckle brackets, Bolts for e-brake cable to knuckle brackets, LH/RH E-brake cables, E-brake handle with boot, E-brake cable connection bracket, LH Fuel tank with pumps and sending units, RH Fuel tank with pumps and sending units, Fuel tank connector tube, Fuel filter, Fan shroud, Fans with 2 mounting nuts, Fan motor with 6 mounting screws, Radiator, LH/RH Radiator rubber isolators, Coolant overflow tank, Cap for coolant overflow tank, OBD2 PCM computer, Computer 2 piece mounting bracket w/hardware, Throttle pedal, Fly by wire harness, Short 4 wire oxygen sensors, Long 4 wire oxygen sensors, Vehicle speed sensor (VSS) with mounting bracket, Engine Harness, Brown plug that connects to the under-hood fuse box, White plug that connects to the under-hood fuse box, Many extra wiring pigtails, Under-hood fuse box, Brake light switch with plastic holder, Ignition switch, Ignition cylinder, lock cylinder(s) and 2 key set, LH/RH Exterior door handles, LH/RH Exterior door handle gaskets, LH/RH Exterior rear view mirrors w/mounting nuts, License plate lights with bulbs, mounting screws, Horns with mounting bracket, LH/RH hood latches, Hood release handle and 2 attached cables, Hood strikers, LH/RH hood hinges, Wiper motor with rotating assembly and 3 mounting screws, LH/RH Power window mechanisms, LH/RH Seat belts, Seat belt upper bolt plastic covers, Seat belt receptacles LH/RH, Steering column, Drive belt tensioner, Drive belt idler pulley, Alternator, Rubber motor mounts w/hardware, LH/RH Aluminum motor mount brackets w/hardware. Outer CV-joints(used like new), Locknuts for outer CV-joints, C6 Replica wheels 18x8.5's and 19x10's(used, chrome pealing, was going to use temporarily for the roller). This list is basically every GM part needed for a GTM kit with the exception of the motor itself, battery, and A/C accessories.


Thank you,

David Riha - dave(dot)[email protected]




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