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2006 Miata MX5 SCCA/WC/NASA Pro Race Car 4 Sale NEWLY Built


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My name is Chad. I have a very well built race car for sale. It was built to compete in (WIN) the SCCA/Pirelli World Challenge Series.


Below is the LINK to the info on the car in case you have interest, or come across anyone in the course of doing business looking for/wanting a nice car.


ALL of the information, pictures, updates, etc are on that site. The car is located in Denver, CO and can be delivered to your front door.


Here is a LINK to the Miata that is for sale.






She's freshly built, tuned, and ready to go. Very fast!


If you or someone you know may be interested, feel free to forward the link.


I'm not sure what is customary in the way of commissions for helping get the car bought/sold, but I am happy to pay a fee upon successful sale for doing so.


I am by no means a web developer, so excuse the amateurish website. It was just made to get the info out there.


I am open to suggestions and offers so don’t be shy. You won’t hurt my feelings.


I appreciate your help and advice.



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I'll tell you what.... for a Full Price Offer, I will let you rent him for your events!


He's a lady killer, and a promotions guru. (He comes from good stock. His Mom is the spokes-dog for the National Sports Center for the Disabled. Google it. Yellow lab looking up a rock face with the handicap harness on.)


NO ONE will pass up your tent with him sitting out front in your car with his helmet on!

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