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1986 and 1987 944's

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I have an 87 944 with a little body damage. I see an 86 944 for sale that is a non-runner and should be pretty cheap. Cheap enough that just body panels alone would be worth buying it. I'm wondering how much of the body (mostly quarter panels, of course) is interchangeable with my 87. Can anyone offer a little help?



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Hey Stephen, Phil here. The panels are interchangeable, front fenders are bolt on, rear quarters are a cut off and

weld on affair. Also the suspension pieces, front control arms, front hubs and spindles, front rotors, and rear hubs

and rotors are NOT interchangeable as the offset is different from 86 to 87. But pretty much everything is. If you need more info call me at the shop 9723927900. If you end up needing a body shop I know of one that is reasonable.

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