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FS - 17" width Ultrashield Spec Miata style Seat


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17" inside width Ultrashield brand, Spec Miata style aluminum seat (ie big rib supports, no shoulder or head wings), black cover.


Looking for $125, highly prefer not to ship (no box), but can on your dime. Or we can figure out a way to hand it off via other racers that may live near you and go to the same events - I run at all of TX region's events including NOLA and Hallett and am also planning on East Nationals 2014.


Can snap a few pics as needed to demonstrate condition. Has a few pre-drilled holes for mounts, cover is in pretty good shape, etc, etc. Went with a different Ultrashield model instead once I realized that I do in fact actually have room for more of a containment style seat so no longer need this more minimalist one.



brewer (dot) ken (at) gmail.com

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Pieced together a box so now shipping outta be easier.


18" x 18" x 43" - around 20lbs total (estimated with bathroom scale) all packed up - if you want to quote some shipping options.


Sale pending funds however.

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