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FS SubaruSTI track toy part out


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All parts listed came off my 2007 STI and have 2k miles on them unless otherwise noted. I am willing to package items for additional discounts. All items are in great condition and I have included great details to make sure everything is disclosed. I have a ton of pictures that I can send out via text, PM, or email. Please contact me at Five 0 Nine 4 three eight 9 zero 9 eight or PM/email me ([email protected]) and I can send them to you. All items are OBO and do not include shipping or PayPal fees unless noted. I am willing to lower prices for stock part trades.


All items are being sold as I am putting the car back to stock as it is way too costly for a track car. Will be tracking Hondas from now on.


Tigwerks FMIC – Was custom made by Kelly and is awesome. The kit comes with a Garrett 24x12x3.5 core, custom end tanks, 6 hydro flow couplings, crash bar (powered coated black), all piping powder coated black, GTX 3076 compressor housing powder coated red with Vband intake and filter, power steering line as stock will not work with kit, and 2007 DBW TB with hydro flow coupling fitting. It has a Tial BOV flange and will work with a tigwerks rotated kit (will split intake if buyer of the rotated kit is interested in it for an additional cost).


FMIC has 2k brake in and track miles on it. I never had a heat soak issue with it even on the really hot track days in southern cal.


The not perfect – Does not work with fog lights or stock coolant over flow (like all kits), and the kit was fabricated with the turbo slightly cocked (my fault). The kit will work and fit up but the strew connection to the manifold does not line up and it slightly rubs in 2 spots. These two spots can be fixed/ground down with no effort or just have a shop do a cut and weld to adjust the pipe on the hot side. All this work is very minimal.


Parts alone to build the kit is about the price I am asking and a shop would charge about 3k + to build this kit. Looking for $1200


Tigwerks rotated vband tuner kit 2k miles – comes with Vband uppipe made of 321ss, Vband down pipe, vband dump tube with upgraded muffler, ceramic coated, all AN oil and coolant lines for a GT turbo, both Vband clamps, and AN block fittings including Tigwerks AN drain fitting. All of this would runs over 2500+. All you need is a turbo with tial housing and wastegate. Looking for 1100


Suspension trade – looking to trade my RCE T2 with MSI race camber plates for a tamer setup + cash if appropriate. T2’s have about 10k on then when I got them from a member on IWSTI forum, and the camber plates have 300 miles on them. I have 1 track weekend on them and that is it. The rear driver side had a leak and has been rebuilt. The ideal setups would be RCE T1 with all stock top plates for my setup + cash or SST’s all stock top plates + cash to make up the camber plate delta. This depends on the condition of each setup. I will also just sell the camber plates for 400.


Hawk DTC 60’s – I have front and rears brand new never used that fit all the Evo and Subaru stock Brembo brake kits. Fronts are 254 new and rears are 160. Will sell entire set for 400 shipped or Fronts for 250 shipped and rears for 150 shipped.


Brake shims – cost 109 + shipping - brand new 105 shipped to your door.


Roo Ducts – cost 200 + shipping - brand new 190 shipped to your door.


Quantum brake ducts– cost 85 + shipping - brand new for 75 shipped.


Tanks – ATL fuel cell and custom bracket sits in water spray area. Good for surge tank or methanol tank. 250


Bulk head – this was costume made for a 07 and will fit with back seats. If you are running a meth tank of 50/50 then this should be a must. 300 OBO pickup in Lehi Utah.


Hood – was used for the track and has a KS tech delete and an 8” by 2’ rectangle cut just behind the radiator. Requests picture. This made a HUGE difference in the cars running temp. I can go into all the details about this if you are interested. If you are running a FMIC and tracking your car you want this hood. Looking for 200 pickup in Lehi Utah or trade for a stock 07 hood in good condition.


Front bumper – good track bumper $20 pickup in Lehi Utah


Tial exhaust housing New – GT30 .63 hours brand new with upgraded locking tabs (you will thank me when your friend who has a housing without these is complaining that the bolts keep coming loose and falling out). sells for 420 + shipping on line. Will take 370 shipped to your door in lower 48 states of course.


Dei titanium turbo exhaust heat blanket – 1 track weekend on it. 160 new. Looking 130


Fuel system – Custom fuel system I made with Aeromotive fuel rails, Earls -6 Prolight 350 hose, Earls fittings, and EFI fuel distribution block. (FPR was sold) looking for 400 OBO. Willing to separate parts if someone is interested.

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