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When does ONline event registration close?

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Pre-Registration or online registration always closes the Wednesday at exactly 12 noon before the event. This is to allow the team time to process all the registrations, send e-mails to those that need to renew their licenses or submit paperwork.


Should you call and try to register? No. The office will not take registrations over the phone after the Wednesday noon deadline.


Should I e-mail? Again, No.


Your only option at this point is to show up at the track to register. There is a $100 at track fee that will be added. and if you need to renew your license or membership there are other fees for those (check the CCR 14.3, 14.4)


Here's some quick math. Register early and something comes up and you can't attend. In most cases you can roll your registration to the next event OR get a refund less a $30 processing fee.


Wait and register at the track and it will cost you an extra $100.


By registering early and cancelling you save yourself either $100 (roll forward) or $70 (with a refund).

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