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MM 1.5" forward offset & stock body work (SN95)


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Not a racecar - street driven/occasional track car.


Are you running the 1.5" forward offset Maximum Motorsports package? If so, did you have to modify the body work to make it fit on a SN95?


I'm running AST 4100 coilovers, 17x9 Cobra R's with 255/45 Bridgestone RE11 tires.


Engine is out. Now is the time IF I'm going to do it.


(note: I already have the forward offset control arms)

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I have a 98 Cobra. Stock body work. I have the MM K member and forward offset ctrl arms. Im using 17x9 Cobra R wheels with Toyo RA-1 275/40/17 tires. I use the upper hole for the ctrl arm pivot in the k member. My car sits VERY low. The tires don't rub.



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I am also using the MM forward offset arms, ride height 23.5" and I had to trim the black bottom rubber trim piece on the lower fenders forward of the tires. Mine did rub slightly so I ground it off, 98 spindles also.

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